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Ben has a way of making learning fun! We learned more from Mr.

Willmore than any other instructor in the last few years. Starting from Zero includes over 11 hours of no-experience-necessary lessons that start with how to install the program. The Essentials section will help to ensure that you have the foundational knowledge that lays the foundation for other lessons. Then you can choose your own path and choose to concentrate on honing your adjustment skills, learning retouching, or go headfirst into creative techniques.

Ben Willmore was using Photoshop before Adobe even named it Photoshop. Over the last 25 years, Ben has written over a dozen books on Photoshop and spoken at more than conferences. When Ben is not teaching Photoshop, he and his wife Karen spend their time exploring America aboard their tricked out vintage bus.

They also spend an average of two months each year exploring outside the USA. Ben has explored all 50 states, while Karen still has yet to visit North Dakota. Ben has traveled to over sixty countries on all seven continents Karen is only a few countries behind.

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Our goal is to have a constant stream of unique locations to photograph that inspire new techniques we can share with our members. We fill in the gaps between the lessons you see on all the other sites.

This Russian Photoshop Master’s Skills Will Blow Your Mind

We teach you how to truly understand the most difficult concepts such as color management, channels and curves. Then we show you how to combine features in unique ways that will never show up in pre-packaged courses that have a convenient title and a flashy preview trailer. Next, I create two separate layers for the character and background. Then I paint the shape of the shadow of the character.

At this stage, I ignore the local colour and only capture the form of the shadows. I fill in the colours of her skin and clothing.

Because of the edge light, I use a brush on low Opacity to add a little green into the lightest area and a little red into the dark area, to make her look subtly different on both sides. When it comes to portrait paintings, the hand is equally essential as the face. If the face is a flower, then the hand is its leaf.

New Masters of Photoshop: Volume 2

So I paint the hand first. This enables me to pick up the canvas colour from all visible layers. Figure A above shows two distinct colours 1 and 2. By using the Mixer brush on the colours — figure B — you can create an effect similar to painting on a traditional canvas 3. Using various combinations of colours and brushes, you can achieve a range of real-world painting effects.. I usually try brushes on the background area before drawing characters. In this case, I decide to use the large Mixer brush to fill the background. I choose a leaf brush to paint the hair and the background.

I adjust the outline of the body, to make the sharp shape softer in appearance. I switch to a low Opacity brush to paint the face, because the Mixer brush is unsuitable for painting details.

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My approach is to paint a big egg shape, then use a small brush to paint the facial volume, then use an even more smaller brush to tackle the details. By using the Mixer brush, I produced many small shapes and tiny brushstrokes. So I take the opportunity to review the form and find some ideas to finish my work. I use these pauses to manage my pace of painting.

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The position of her hand looks incorrect so I adjust it slightly.