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Like Gregg, they are sensitive and willing to let their feelings show, not matter what those feelings are. Guilt, shame, love, lust, fear all make appearances here. But make no mistake — our heroes are men. Because there is more focus on the internal and external conflicts and plot that happens after they get together, I found there was less smexxin overall, which for me was an improvement over the last story where I found myself skipping whole scenes. We already know that the next book is devoted to his story, and the author took the opportunity to lay groundwork for that that here.

Not only are issues around religion brought up, but we also get to know the Collucci family well, allowing for the possibility of some familial conflicts to carry over into book three as well. Although Drew and Vince become friends first over the course of several months, it happens just about all off-screen and not only did I feel denied of watching that happen, but their declarations of love and commitment felt very fast to me — almost too fast.

In fact, there are parts of the book just felt rushed to me, and that could be a product of fitting five years into the story. It sometimes jumps months or even a year or more, and there were times where I was a little confused as to where I was in the timeline. As I said in my review for Dar and Gregg , the smexxin is quite graphic and if you are turned off by raunchy man smells, rimming and some serious dirty dialog, this may not be the book for you. Once again, Bobby Michaels gives us a great romance in Drew and Vince , the second installment of the Jock Dorm series. But I did appreciate that we got to see them together over many years.

Actually in all 3 books, I felt the family coming out conversations were a bit off. Durham, Fred S. Earle, George H. Earle, Hubert, Mrs. Justice, Jr. Earle, Lawrence W. Earle, Ralph - son of George H. Earle, Ralph, Mrs. Van Asch; Snellenberg, Joseph N. Fay, Mrs. East, Thomas R. Eastman, Bessie Dobson, Mrs. Eaton, Charles A. Ebbert, Frank R. Eberle, John, Mrs. Ebert, Charles E. Eckert, Samuel B.

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